The story of Vismaya is tied to the ancient lore of how Kerala's many principalities were once ruled by various lords and chieftains.

The house and lands were said to have been presented to the original owner, (one amongst the 43 Chieftains who helped the king of Travancore), for a valorous deed performed by him. Vismaya has found mention in the 'AithihyaMala' (The ancient Legends of Kerala).

In the heart of Kerala, located on the banks of 'Vembanad' lake, surrounded on 'three' sides by water, we bring you this tribute to kerala's feudal heritage. This 400+ year old heritage lakeside retreat with just 2 bedrooms, in traditional wood architecture, is ideal for guests to relax, unwind and soak in the surrounding natural beauty that is a treat to your every sense. It has a private pool that will makes you feel pampered and rejuvenated. The building, passed into our hands from the descendants of the original chieftain, and is presented.... We have renamed it, Vismaya (translated 'a magical place').