Our Story

This is the story of 4 friends joining hands to create VISMAYA (literally meaning, a Magical Place)

Arun Prasad & his wife, Smitha, Jan Arryn & his wife, Christel met about 5 years back, became friends through a mutual Belgian friend. After seeing what Jan did/do at ‘a Beach Symphony’, Arun suggested Jan to take a look at his ‘lake house’ that he was renovating. The place was a blast…what a house, what a location !!! With the support of our restoration architect friend, Karl Damschen, we made possible this 2 bedroom exclusive hideaway on the lake peninsula.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Kumarakom side of the lake, this is 6,000m2 of pure rest & relaxation in luxury. It took us about 3 years to restore Vismaya, since we did not want to compromise anywhere, keeping the original spirit of the house. The only thing we did was create more light by making big windows in the bedrooms and ample windows in the lobby area. At Vismaya we are adding the same hospitality that 'a Beach Symphony’ is known for, since 5 years : down to earth approach so you get the maximum out of your holiday, only choosing the best quality available, original Kerala style cuisine with a European touch, respect for your privacy, etc. We are convinced that you will enjoy your stay here at our "Vismaya"